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UI/UX Designer

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    AdobeXd, CSS, PHP, WordPress
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Taking boring WordPress websites to the next level.

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01 / Design

Got my design chosen by Lemon Soda.

Getting my design chosen from LemonSoda, among at least other 15 companies designs. The landing page is used for one of their limited edition, and is undoubtedly one of my biggest goals that i have achieved. The landing page was designed in Adobe XD and presented to the client along with a brief, carefully explaining the design core concepts and the ux solutions i designed and adopted.;

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image of a website

01 / Coding

Counter the inflexibility of WordPress

By being a Frontend developer, I had full control over the layout and design, adding CSS code in order to counter the inflexibility and lack of design of some WordPress themes and plug-ins.

I have also used WordPress by myself, building Website from scratch using YooTheme as a theme builder. I was used to to setup Stripe and PayPal payments with WooCommerce, how to deal with payied subsciption, and gained experience with the use of the most valuable plug-ins.