ivan smiths
frontend developer
3 years of working experience

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Ivan Smiths, react developer portfolio from Wiesbaden. React developer with knowledge on how to use React hookslike useState, useEffect, useContext, custom hooks and more. My mission is to make a react websites that are fastest as possible, that are seo friendly, and at the same time innovating, with a modern look. I started using React.js two years ago, and i rapidly switched to Next.js, thanks to the server side rendering, file based routing, static sites generation and incresed perfermances. I often write guides and tutorials, likehow to put 3d models on react websiteor just news about the react and next js world in general. I work in Wiesbaden as a frontend developer and I am also a freelancer. Contact me if you want to collab or if you feel stuck on a react or next.js project.


ivan smiths

Frontend developer highly focused web experiences

Frontend Developer highly focused on UI/UX design and visual experiences, since 3 years professionally in the field.

Passionate about 3D modeling and augmented reality, I tend to join these two worlds together.

s-v work
01 / Work
Scholz & Volkmer
  • Main role: Frontend developer
  • Tech stack: Vue.js, Nuxt.js,TypeScript, Gsap, Sass
  • 2022 / Current
ideology work
02 / Work
  • Main role: UI/UX Designer
  • Tech stack: Adobe XD, CSS, jQuery, WordPress
  • 2020 / 2022